What a day…

So, it’s only 11am and I’m ready to go to bed and start anew.  This week has been one for the record books around here…and not in a good way.  We left after church Sunday to go to Mississippi to visit Keven’s brother.  Eric is in the Navy and is being deployed in a couple weeks for a year.  This was to be the only weekend we could visit with them because school also started this week.  So, we arranged with our professors to miss the first day of classes to visit with him and his family.

Upon arriving at Grandpa and Nonna’s house, things were as normal as any other day.  The kids went to take in their newly redecorated room, and Keven and I visited with family.  Grandpa hadn’t been feeling too well since Friday.  Complaining a lot about soreness in his back, arms, and chest.  Finally, Monday morning he went to the doctor to get checked out.  A couple hours later he was in surgery to have a stint put in one of his arteries.  During the procedure, the doctors realized his blockage was much more severe and needed bypass surgery.  So, our trip quickly turned from a happy family visit, to a family emergency.

We had to return home Tuesday evening for classes on Wednesday.  Keven’s dad was scheduled for a quadruple bypass on Friday.  Eric and family also had to catch a flight home on Wednesday.  We all felt horrid having to leave Nonna and Keven’s sister, Heather, to deal with the situation.   On top of everything else, Nonna’s dad was admitted to the hospital Wednesday night with pneumonia.  **when it rains it pours***

So, we arrived home Tuesday night, completely tired…

Now, when your body is exhausted and you are exposed to any minor illness, what happens?  You catch it.  Keven and I both have come down with a horrid summer cold.  Miserable is not the word to accurately describe the feeling.  We are NEVER sick at the same time…but that’s not the case this time.  So now, our apartment is in shambles, the kids are running a muck, and this exhausted mommy has reached the end of her rope.   I can’t bring myself to ask my sweet hubby for help, he’s sick, too and I’m supposed to take care of him.

So, this morning when he left for work, I just sat and cried for a few minutes.  (My preferred method of stress relief.)

‎”O Lord, if you heal me, I will be truly healed; if you save me, I will be truly saved. My praises are for you alone!” Jeremiah 17:14

Grandpa’s surgery went very well, and at last report, he’s up walking around and ready to go home (not that they will let him).

I will hold to my joy in my Father today!  Although I physically feel horrid,  I will not let Satan drag me under.  My spirit will remain strong because I have His Spirit within me!

**Father, wrap Your loving, healing arms around this family.  Abba, cradle your children with care.  We praise You for the abundant blessings You have graced us with this week alone.  And thank You for the trials that have made us grow stronger!

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