A Perfect Day in the Life…

In a perfect world, my day would look something like this:

  1. Awaken at 6 am energized and ready to go!
  2. Hit my FLYlady morning routine with a vengeance and conquer it!
  3. As a result of item #2, my apartment would never require extensive cleaning allowing for 7am Bible study.
  4. After a refreshing time in the Word, cook a fantastic breakfast for my family.
  5. Clear away all the breakfast dishes and prepare for school.
  6. 8:30 am begin school time with my children.
  7. Study for myself while my children are deeply involved in their fantastic, well planned education.
  8. (Only comes one day a week) 10:30am begin to venture out the door for my 11am class.
  9. Prepare a wonderfully healthy lunch for my family (that doesn’t include instant mac & cheese)
  10. Send the children (without argument) to their rooms for thirty minutes of afternoon reading time, allowing for some school work of my own.
  11. (Once a week) Head out the door for my 12:30 class.
  12. Every other day, spend an hour being crafty.
  13. Make sure dinner is planned and prepped
  14. Take the children out to the playground and catch up with my fabulous neighbors and accountability partner.
  15. Welcome my wonderful hubby home from work, with a honest smile and a hot meal.
  16. Spend a wonderful time together having family fun time.
  17. Tuck the kids in. (8pm)
  18. Have at least an hour of uninterrupted study time for the hubby. (Likely studying and worship planning myself)
  19. Spend quality relationship building time with my honey!
  20. Good night!

Now that I’ve had a good laugh!  I remind myself, nothing in life is perfect.  Nor will it ever be!  As much as I would love for my days to look this neat and organized, the truth is I barely scrape by most of the time.  Many days homeschool is fit in the gaps of errands and grumpy children.  Not to mention a mentally stretched mommy.  Somedays, getting time outside isn’t an option for us, just so we will have clothes to wear tomorrow because I’m days behind on laundry.

All we can do is laugh, pray, and know that if we are doing our best, God will bless us and our efforts!

Trusting Him daily!


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