Forced Motivation

What a busy, busy day!  It is amazing what you can accomplish when there are no children under foot.  In the past 2 days,  I have accomplished scrubbing and sanitizing both bathrooms, and cleaning/organizing both kid’s rooms.  One room and a hallway to go, and my daily goal will be completed.

Where is my motivation coming from today?  Two places actually, procrastination of homework 😉 and a prospective student housing tour that will come through my abode tomorrow.  (I must admit the latter of the two is the more pressing…although I love to procrastinate.)

I’ve been fluttering around FLYlady style for a couple of months, but must admit, that 15 mins worth of decluttering/deep cleaning a day doesn’t seem to make a dent in this tiny apartment.  It seems as soon as I declutter it, someone comes immediately behind and piles things back up.  90% of the time, this mystery person is me….as I move on to declutter another area.  Progress has been made though.  I’ve had the motivation to actually throw things out.  Donate things.  This is a new mindset for this major pack-rat.  I know I still have a long way to go, but just going at all is good, right?

my housecleaning look

Anyway, my 15 minute break is up, time to tackle the master bedroom!  Woot! Woot!  I’ll get to relax in a clean and decluttered room tonight!!!!

Proverbs 31:10-31—I’m on my way!  Thank You, Lord for the strength!


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