The Big “D” Word

This is how I feel right now.  In the words of the not so eloquent Homer Simpson, “Doh!”

I knew I was getting myself into trouble when I took on the assignment of writing a paper on Women and Time Management.  Why we struggle with it?  How does this affect our Christian life?  Etc.

Well, I have my answer, and it hurts me.

I chose this topic because I really do struggle with time management.  (Even writing this paper…I’m almost done and it’s due Tuesday.  I’ve known about it since January.)  I’ll admit to being a procrastinator.  I attempt to keep a tidy home.  I hate laundry, but other than that, I try.  I desire to make quiet time a priority every day.  I seek out excess amounts of time to dote on my family.  Friendships, well I’m working on that.  I’m learning to be a better friend and not a hermit.

But no matter how hard I try, my efforts and I fall flat on my face.  Pretty much like the picture above.

So, what is the problem.

Lack of Discipline

Yup, that’s right.  Lack of Discipline.  And you know what, it hurts to realize that!!

Last semester in Spiritual Formation, we studied the Spiritual Disciplines.  No one had ever put the thought in my head about everyday things like prayer being a discipline.  Well, never in those terms.  Nor, that they are learned behaviors.  As is everything!

Again I say, “Doh!”

Pardon my idiocy.  Apparently I missed something along the way.  Graduated high school and college with honors…missed the whole discipline in every day life thing.

So, forgive me.  **Father, forgive me**  I am entering a new season of knowledge.  Learning to be disciplined.  (I bet my children are gonna LOVE this.)

I challenge you to pray about this.  If you struggle with daily things, like I do, check up on your self discipline.  As much as I know my flesh is going to fight it, I’m thankful God has revealed this to me.  It’s gonna hurt, but it will be worth it for my Walk, my family, and my friends.

Love ya’ all!


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