Love Language

God has taught me much about myself over the past few years.  You know, it surprises me how much I don’t know about myself.  Like my love language for instance.  I’ve always thought I was a quality time person.  Surprise, I’m NOT!  Although it does rank high on my list, my primary love language is Words of Affirmation.

I’ve been spending much time praying about why I get so upset over stupid little things.  You see, I have one of the most wonderful husbands in the world.  He actually helps clean, cook, and anything else I may not be mentally capable of doing on a certain day. (My mental capacity is a story for another day.)  So why do I get upset and feel unloved when he does so much for me on top of everything he must do for himself?  I KNOW how much he loves me…he shows me so much.  He will sit with me for hours.  He is totally willing to wake in the middle of the night if I am emotionally struggling with something.  (I’m starting to think I’m high maintenance….) So, really, why do I feel the way I feel?

My love language.  Like I said before, I always thought it was quality time.  Wrong.  I find my heart desiring affirmation…words of encouragement…a simple job well done.  Do you like how clean the house is today?  Did I do a good job?  Was that a yummy meal?  Aren’t you proud of how much money I saved on our shopping trip today?

My wonderful hubby listened to me blubber this realization to him way beyond sleepy time the other night.  Bless him.  How I love that man!

Have you given much thought about your love language?  That of your spouse?  Your children?  I haven’t so much before, but I certainly will now.

Here’s to happy times ahead!



4 thoughts on “Love Language

  1. My primary love language is quality time just ahead of physical touch. Jackie’s is physical touch. According to the book, anyway.

    I don’t feel like I necessarily need words of affirmation, I’d just like for everyone at my house to stick to the if-you-can’t-say-something-nice rule! Degrading words and attitudes absolutely kill my feelings of love and peace any day.

    • I think that is why the realization surprised me so. 🙂 I’m still reading the book, however. Who knows, as crazy as I am, it may change next week. 😉

  2. There is little glory in Mommy-hood during the years you are in, De. Very few know or acknowledge the hundreds or thousands of decisions or actions you do in a single day. Your check list does not end at 5pm or 10 pm. It never ends. It is constant.

    It is normal for you to need words of affirmation. I imagine you often feel under appreciated or unloved. Even though you and I know that is so far from truth. But that is the feeling you will have during those times. (Voice of experience talking) Motherhood is not for the faint of heart or mind. Even though you feel as if you are stumbling along, others will see your beautiful mess and admire it. I promise you it is the truth, sweet one.

    Chin up. You are beautiful. Your are invaluable. You are loved.

    • Thanks, Diane! 🙂 It definitely is a learning process. Not always an easy one, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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