This is our second year to be in NOLA during Carnivale season.  The culture always seems to just catch me off guard a little.

Today for instance, the weather is pretty nasty outside.  As I sit in my third floor apartment on the quiet seminary campus, I hear thunder rolling and the sound of light rain tapping the leaves on the tree outside my open door.  Ah, a nice relaxing atmosphere.  Right around noon, I begin to hear the sound of Steve Miller Band percussing in the distance.  A block party is occurring somewhere close by.  Are they deterred by the impending weather?  Not at all!

Sure, they may cancel a parade or two because of the weather, but the spirit of the season is quite alive in the city!

Which makes me wonder…if only we were as dedicated to the cause in our Christian walk?  If only we were as dedicated in sharing Jesus?  What could our world be like?

Just a thought.


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