I admire my children.  Many times I will flippantly say how I wish I could bottle their energy, but seriously I wish I could remember how to tap into it.  That joy that all children have.

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We can have a very poor discipline day, but no matter how many times they are punished, they will shortly find joy in something.  Amazing.

I have a bad day, get scolded or my feelings hurt, and I will pout about it all day.  Take it out on others by being snippy or something like that.

At what point do we lose that childish joy?  Why does it disappear?  Or better, why do we allow it to disappear?

Jesus tells us to have complete joy we must love Him and keep His commands (John 15:5-10)

“I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” John 15:11

**Father, make me more like my children.  Able to see Your joy in every aspect of life.  Amen.**

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