I love all things creative.  My eyes are drawn to beauty, many times in places most people overlook…like cemeteries.  I enjoy sketching, sewing, photography, decorating cakes…this list could go on and on.  The one thing I have always wanted to do is learn to paint.  Paint intimidates me so.  It always seemed so permanent.  Once it is on the canvas, you can’t take it off.  I’ve played around with painting before, but always would mess up and give up.

Since moving to NOLA, I have seen several painting party places.  Had friends post pictures of when they would go.  So, I decided, as soon as I had the extra money I wanted to try this.  Boy was I thrilled when a friend on campus organized a painting party at a great discount.

The instructor was wonderful.  She gave us a photo of the pic we were to create and told us to sketch out the basic picture.  That I can do.  Pencil is forgiving and easy to erase.  After all the sketching was done, it was time to paint.  INTIMIDATION!!!

It was so much fun!!  Having instruct you on how to mix the paints on your brush, how much paint to load your brush with, etc…made all my fears fly out the window.  Why on earth have I been intimidated by this?  Because I was afraid to fail.  I’m a perfectionist when it comes to artwork, and get discouraged when the image in my mind’s eye is not what appears before me.

This year, God has really been teaching me a lot about how to deal with this fear of failure.  Yes, I may fail, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get up, dust myself off and try again.  What a concept huh?  Lol.  I feel like a silly child sometimes when I have these basic realizations.  Still, I am thankful for a Father who is more than willing to gently help me along.

So, now I have a new medium on which to portray the beauty He shows to me.  I will not be intimidated any more!

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2 thoughts on “Intimidation

    • I totally agree, Amy! We must do it again!
      And thanks…I loved seeing what shots I was lucky enough to get.

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