They’re Only Thoughts, Right?

My life lesson of the week (and I’m sure an ongoing lesson) is that of my thought life.  I give it entirely too much control.  We all know where that can lead.

It’s dangerous ground that I have tread many times.  I know it only leads to bad things, but for some reason I allow myself to be pulled back to it.  Pulled by who?  The Enemy, Satan…he’s good with that lasso of lies.

As I have sat in my sorrow…ok full-blown pity party…I’ve noticed I’m not alone.  Why do we as women allow it so often? What lies do you allow the enemy to feed you?

For therapy (and accountability) I’m going to share a few of mine…

  1. You must be terribly annoying or people would want to talk to you more.
  2. You call yourself a good wife, you can’t even keep one clean room much less a clean house.
  3. You’ll never be a good mom.
  4. You’re too shy to be leader of any kind.
  5. People don’t come visit you or call you because they don’t want to be your friend.
  6. You’re not smart enough to go back to school.
  7. Why do you even try anything, you will always fail.

Whew!  Those are painful.  Do yours resemble that?  Know this, they are ALL lies!!!  I tend to forget that.

I find myself waking up, instead of picking up the Word, I pick up that mask with the happy face painted on it.  I put it on and go about my day.  In my head is a constant voice screaming these lies at me all day long.  (It isn’t everyday, but this is where I’ve been for a couple of weeks.)  I’ll finally sit down to pour over scripture, because peace is found there, but the enemy will find any means necessary to keep me from digging in.  *reference lie #7*  ARGH!

Oh, am I so daily thankful for a Heavenly Father who sees past all the lies I allow Satan for pour into my mind!  As I am curled in my pity-party fetal position, I can cry out to my Daddy God and He is quick to answer.  His arms of peace can wrap around my broken heart and mend the deepest hurt, even if it is self-inflicted.  Patiently reminding me to seek His face first!

These lies keep me from living life the way He intended.  The lies become truth because I allow them to.  No more!!!  I have a beautiful family, a husband and children who love me in spite of my insanity. 🙂  Friends who are going through the same season of life we are.  That includes busy-ness!!  God uses the broken!  A quote I read recently is fabulous…God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

Because music speaks so much to me, this song has helped me so much this week.  My prayer is that by sharing, you too will have a reminder when the voice of lies starts running through your mind.

“And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing.  Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.  Thing about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.”  Philippians 4:8

Be blessed!


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