24 Days of Thankfulness – Days 4 and 5

My mind is a little fuzzy this afternoon, as I try to reclaim my thought processes from last night.  🙂  For some reason, the internet connection at the condo where my brother and sister-in-law were staying would not open WordPress.  So, no blogging.

Day 4:

This afternoon, while I sat working on Sunday’s service order, the kids went for a walk on the beach with Keven’s family.  It was nice to be able to sit in the quiet, look out the condo windows and stare out across the Gulf view, while I sought God for guidance to plan His worship.

Today, I found myself very thankful for family.  Those few minutes of minimal distraction were priceless.  We’ve been blessed to be able to spend rare time with Keven’s brother’s family over the past few weeks.  As exhausted as I find myself from all the back and forth, I know it is worth it.

It also makes me realize how much I wish we were able to just jump in the car for an overnight trip to visit my family, but they all live much farther away, so if we don’t have a good 3 to 4 days to get away, that visit doesn’t happen.

But, this time is just for a season, the crazy busy-ness will eventually fade with a degree on the other side.  So, thank you, to my family for being so patient with us!


Day 5:

Whew!  We just got home a little while ago.  The kids are thrilled to be spending a Saturday afternoon with their friends. (The first in about a month.)  I’m sitting on the couch in our tiny apartment looking at the piles of stuff sitting around from the Craft Fair on Thursday.  I guess I’ll need to relocate them all to their proper homes as soon as I am done here.

Building on yesterday’s thanksgiving…today, I am thankful for this Season of life.  It is a wild and crazy ride that God has placed us on, but it is a fun one.  You never know what lesson is waiting around the bend.  It is a very difficult ride, but God has fashioned it specifically for us.

I have learned so much in the 2 and half years we’ve been here.  So much about myself that I never really understood before.  I won’t hash them all out here, today. (You can read a little about some in other blog posts.)

Be blessed and thankful!


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