24 Days of Thankfulness – Day 10

Wow, what an evening it has turned out to be.  But, I don’t want to dwell on that at the moment.

Today was a GREAT (using my best Tony the Tiger voice) day!  Today I am thankful for my children!

My knight and my princess are two of the…silliest creatures ever.  They totally get that from their dad!

We had an impromptu family outing today.  Keven had a book interview for a local media outlet at the mall, so we all loaded up and went.  WooHoo…window shopping!  (Yes, that is authentic enthusiasm…I LOVE window shopping!)  Keven went off to his interview, and the kids and I grasped hands and set off.  First stop, the Disney Store…might as well have been Disney World with the excitement that followed.  Our goal was to seek out our yearly Christmas Ornament additions, but that fell to the side as we explored princesses and super heroes (when did Marvel move into the Disney Store?).  Their excitement was incredibly contagious!  From there we ventured to Hallmark…that didn’t last long because the Pet Store was next door!  Oh how they dream of having a puppy or kitty again.  I love listening to them dream and make their plans for when we have a house again.  🙂

We visited every store in the mall that had toys or toy-like (aka Pottery Barn Kids) paraphernalia.  I knew for sure that dad had finished his interview, but nope.  We had more time.  Just enough time for cookies and Icee’s!  (A choice that provided much entertainment later!)

As we headed home, listening to the 2 of them make up songs, games, and practice tongue-twisters was the best entertainment!  I wish I could have had video to share.

I’m holding on to these thoughts and smiles this evening as I await possible saddening news!  God knew I needed this silliness today, and I’m incredibly thankful!  Thank You, Lord, for my precious children!  Thank You for using them as instruments of joy in my life today and everyday!

Be blessed and thankful!


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