24 Days of Thankfulness – Day 11

Is it day 11 already?  Wow, this month is flying by!

Today I am thankful for creativity.  I know that sounds a little silly, but I really am.  I love beauty.  I love to be creative, and don’t often allow myself the time to be as creative as my Creator created me to be. (Yes, I worded that purposefully.)

I made myself smile from ear to ear this morning during the homeschool art class.  The kiddos were painting their paper mache project, and as I was standing around helping supervise I picked up 3 pipe cleaners: one red, one green, and one white.  I can entertain my creative box for hours with pipe cleaners…just bend and twist and you’ve created something new.  I saw these 3 colors and my brain immediately went to the Holidays and holly sprigs.  So, I challenged myself to create a holly sprig from these the fuzzy pieces of wire.  After about 5 minutes I had succeeded and inspired other little creative minds to see what they could create.  (Butterflies were the hot item.)  Allowing myself to be joyful like a child for those few moments helped to set the mood for another great day!

Be blessed, creative, and thankful!


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