24 Days of Thankfulness – Day 12

Today’s post is very bittersweet.  Today I am thankful for my MeeMaw.  🙂

My precious grandmother, Lela Orelle Sikes Atkins, passed away this morning.  Just 13 days shy of her 87th birthday.

She practically helped raise us as children, there are lots of things I can’t remember about my childhood, but I do remember MeeMaw always being around for us.

I remember she had an old leather strap that hung by her front door.  That was “Aunt Susie” and we all knew that if “Aunt Susie” was ever taken off that hook, we had better run for the hills. (Not once in my memory was the strap ever taken down.)

There was no better smell than walking into MeeMaw’s house in the afternoon or early evening and smelling fresh baked biscuits and knowing there was a pot of hot cocoa waiting on the stove.

I’m so thankful to my grandmother for instilling in me a love of knowing the heritage of my family!  She was an fierce genealogist.  If you spent 15 minutes in conversation with her, she could tell you how we were related.  It amazed me every time.  I now regret not hanging on to every word of her family stories.  Tales of coming home from school and working in the fields.  Tales of family members whose faces hung in faded yet distinctive portraits on her walls.  Names I now know from my research but can’t match to those faces.

Another great passion in my life, was also one of hers.  The love of music.  She was at one time a proficient musician.  She treasured her mandolin and banjo, harbored a not so secret crush on George Jones, loved to hear anyone play and sing “I’ll Fly Away”, and always tuned our tv to CMT when she came to visit (and that is where it stayed).

There are so many more things I could write, but could never do her justice.

Thank you MeeMaw for all you did for us, when the our lives as children were crazy and unsettled, you were constant.

Be blessed and thankful!


9 thoughts on “24 Days of Thankfulness – Day 12

  1. Tears streaming down my face as I read this…so true! Love her hot chocolate and her fiesty spirit. What really got me was the song…I was singing it in the car this morning when I go the news. God has another sweet angel with him to watch over all of us!

    • Didn’t mean to make you cry! I was just going to post a video of the song from you tube, but when I saw a George Jones version, it had to be the one I used. Made me cry, too.
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. O how my heart aches….Only God knows how much we all dearly loved this woman. Some of my fondest memories were waking up before daylight to the smell of hot cocoa and warm biscuits in the oven. After full tummies, out to the chicken coop we would go to feed and gather the freshly laid eggs. Then, on Saturday nights, watching Hee Haw and drinking a cold Coke. After a full day, we would pile up in the bed and listen to her bedside clock radio and see who could guess the song and artist. These memories are from a very early age until I was grown.
    But I need to say, the most prized memory was hearing her tell me that when I was a baby how my mom and dad would drive the twenty-some-odd miles to her house just so she could rock me to sleep and take me back home to bed. O how I would love to be in her arms right now getting love and kisses. I love you o so dearly meemaw.

  3. She was like a Mother to me she steped in when I lost my mom and I will always love her for that. She wasn’t just my mother-in-law she was my mom and GrandMother to all my children . She would put you right if you done wrong and love you dearly all in one breath. She was so special . Fly high beautiful angel

  4. She really was a beautiful spirit and soul I am so glad that she is my mother-and -law and also a true friend, we always taked about everything and she always made me feeled loved,James lost his friend and mother today and our lives will never be the same. I have watched the pain in his face today knowing that he will never get to talked to her or hear her voice again, he told me that he has a space missing in him, and it hurts to know that that space will always be there! Thank you mom Atkins for your love and presence in my life we will forever love you!!!

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