24 Days of Thankfulness – Day 14

Today I am thankful for my son.  My “Jedi in training” so it seems.

I have never met such a tender-hearted boy in my entire life!  He is shy.  He is silly.  And he absolutely loves his family.

It blesses my heart to watch him play with younger kids.  He has this wonderful ability to make little, little ones cackle with joy!  Not only that, he is the worlds greatest big brother and would do anything for his baby sister!  For over a year before she was born, he prayed sincerely every day for a baby sister.  I’ll never forget when we found out we were having a girl, we told him that he was going to get a baby sister, and he nonchalantly replied “I know!”

Watching him grow and learn has been an amazing ride so far.  He is so determined to follow his dreams.

He’s reaching the age where he doesn’t want to hug mom as much, but that makes those moments when no one is around, and he comes and cuddles up beside me, so much more wonderful!

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I can’t imagine the fabulous things God has in store for this wonderful little guy!  I just pray that I’m up to the challenge of preparing him for it.

Be blessed and thankful!


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