24 Days of Thankfulness – Day 16

I know this is a day late, but we were traveling all day yesterday.  So, please forgive the lateness. 🙂

As we were driving home from my grandmother’s funeral yesterday, I was thinking about what I would blog about.  It was really easy.  You may want to get your tissues ready for this sweet one.

Today I am thankful for my precious princess.

She is definitely her own person.  She has an original sense of style (just walk by our playground any day of the week and see what I mean).  She shares her mother’s love of beautiful things.  And has the ability to bless my heart daily when I hear her sweet voice singing.  But today I am most thankful for her loving spirit.  (Now, here comes the story you’ll need that tissue for.)

My grandmother had been in a nursing home for several years, so, I’d only taken my princess to see her once, and she was not even a year old.  Even at that point my grandmother’s memory was slipping and she didn’t recognize most of us.

All the way to the funeral yesterday (a 4+ hour drive, so we had lots of time), I was asked on several occasions where we were going, and I told her.  I tried my best to explain to her everything she needed to know.  I knew she didn’t remember my grandmother at all, but we had just experienced the loss of my husband’s grandfather last year, so we had a comparison.

Shortly after we got to the funeral home, and greeted everyone, my dad brought me a memorial bookmark with my grandmother’s picture on it.  My princess LOVES pictures, so she immediately took it from me to study the face in the picture.  She looked at me, then looked at the picture, then said to me, “Mommy, I love your MeeMaw.”

During the service, shortly after it began, they began to play Amazing Grace, and my sweet daughter looked around the room at many faces she’d only just met, then at faces she knows well.  She looked toward the closed casket, then back at me.  The look in her eyes told me she really understood what was going on, then my baby girl curled up in my arms and wept.  Not her normal…touch of drama…tears, but she wept.  All I could do was rock her in my arms and tell her it’s ok, and that MeeMaw was with Jesus now.

What an awesome experience the Father shared with me.  A wonderful lesson in loving others.  I’m sure that my princess wasn’t really weeping over the loss of my grandmother for herself, but because of all the people she had met.  She saw pain in their faces.  She sensed their love for this “MeeMaw” that she would never know, and her heart broke for us all, and she didn’t know how to make it better.  A hug wouldn’t work this time.  A flower drawn in crayon on a page accompanied with a kiss on the cheek, wouldn’t make everyone feel better.  All her little loving heart could do was cry for them.  I am convinced that the Holy Spirit heard the cries of her little heart and provided a supernatural comfort and strength to many…I know I received it.

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Be blessed and thankful!


5 thoughts on “24 Days of Thankfulness – Day 16

  1. I can only say to who all reads this, you had to be there. It was the hardest thing I have ever gone thru in my life thus far. But beside me sat the sweetest angel. I tried to be strong and not fall apart in front of the little eyes I knew were watching. But, no matter how hard I tried, when I heard that little voice say “Mommy, I love her” referring to my grandmother, and the precious, heartwrenching tears that followed, all hope of composure was lost. God has blessed you with a precious one De. Hold on to that sweet baby girl and protect her with all your might. She has a heart only few can dream of meeting in their life. I love my Sarah.

  2. Thanks for the warning (to get the tissues out). So sweet. Maybe it is the name Sarah. We like to say that our Sarah has an “old soul.” She blessed us so much when my grandmother was in hospice. Thanks for sharing your Sarah story. I think, over time, we will realize that this is the spiritual gift of discernment. Isn’t it sweet to watch them grow into the gifts God has given them!

    • Oh, it is so precious!!! I’m so very thankful. I only pray that I can hold on to moments like this on the days when they are driving me totally crazy. 🙂

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