Confessions of a Stay-at-Home-Mom #1

1. Some days I consider having a sit in against laundry. Seriously, I can just sit within the mountain that either needs to be washed or put away…no one would ever find me there.

(Yes, I  know this doesn’t just apply to stay-at-home-moms, but work with me here.)

I’m not one to “wish” my kid’s youth away, I actually pray they live with Peter Pan’s motto.  But, when it comes to daily chores like laundry…oh I can’t WAIT for the day that I can land this nightmare of a chore in their capable laps.

Currently, the hubby and I generally work together on this one.  I wash.  He folds.  But, despite this, our laundry generally looks something like this:

(And honestly, that’s a nice pic…ours is generally a bit messier or piled on my bed.)

But you know what, I’m not too concerned about it.  I’m thankful we have clothes to become a laundry mountain.  We’ve been so very blessed.  So, I may have to throw my dress pants and/or shirt back into the dryer for 30mins to de-wrinkle it.  Or even *gasp* bring out the iron.  My children won’t be small forever, and I’m learning to enjoy them while they are small!  When they aren’t interested in filling every spare piece of paper with worlds of color or notes that only they can read, then, maybe I’ll force myself to remove the mountain.


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