Reflections and Realizations

So much has occurred over the past week and a half.  More than my mind fully wants to process.  I know the processing will take time…LOTS of time, but I’ve been forcing myself to reflect on as much as I can handle.

Here are a few realizations these reflections have sparked:

Being a child of God is more than just offering up a selfish prayer in a time of desperate need.  It’s more than saying, “I believe in Jesus.”  It’s a lifestyle, a lifestyle of sacrifice.  We are selfish creatures to the core, and what we want, and what makes us comfortable is more important than too many things in life.  We are too lazy to make a sacrifice of time to go to church on Sunday.  So what if it is the only day of the week you get to sleep in.  Is this tiny sacrifice on your part so much greater than the sacrifice Jesus made for you?  Is being concerned about how others will think you look more important that receiving a Word from God and the blessing that is a church family?  Honestly, you only assume they care how you look…when in reality, most children of the King are just so happy you are in church!

My fear of evangelism is stupid.  So what if people aren’t interested or are offended by my faith…I’m commanded to go and tell!

Family is too precious to get upset over stupid things…like appearances.  If you are blessed enough to have your whole family in one place at one time, who cares if the kids make a mess in the middle of the walkway or want to watch a kiddie show on tv.  A family who loves one another will walk around it or watch it with them without complaint, and appreciate the blessing that there are children to make the mess or beg to watch cartoons to begin with!  They won’t be children for long.

Strength and perfect peace does not mean there will be no tears.  Over the next year, I’m sure there will be lots of tears…some for seemingly random reasons.  This does not mean I am not strong.  This does not mean I have given up on perfect peace.  This means I am human, made by my Creator to love and care.  So, if my tears bother you, well…you can deal with it.  😉

That’s all for today…

Be blessed!



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