You May Think I’m Crazy!

Over the past five years, I’ve learned a lot about being frugal.  Going from a pretty decent two teacher yearly salary to living on one quarter of that same amount has not been the easiest adjustment.  Seriously.  I’m just like most women in the world…I like pretty things.  I tend to have expensive taste.  Point me to 3 nearly identical items and this chicky will pick up the priciest one nearly every time.

Little did we know at the time God called us both from our teaching profession, that His ultimate plan would bring us to seminary.  Well, maybe we did know, but never seriously considered it because, really, how could we EVER afford to pay for school?!?

Let’s just say, our GOD is AWESOME!!!

Now, back to the crazy.  Part of adjusting to this low income lifestyle meant learning how to save money everywhere possible.  I took up learning to coupon.  I feel I do pretty well, but southern Louisiana isn’t the most coupon friendly area.  Every now and then you’ll find a great deal, but with no stores that double…I find only minimal savings, but still, pennies add up, so I’ll keep at it with items we regularly use.  (We just don’t have space in seminary housing for stockpiling.)

I did really great our first year here and managed to score enough sales to stock what space we do have with laundry and dish detergent (seriously, like 6 months worth).  But when the stocks ran low, and those same great sales non-existent, I started looking elsewhere.  That’s when I listened to a few other ladies on campus who made their own.

WHAT?!?  That’s just pure craziness, right?  I mean, who has time for that extra work?!?

Yes, it is a little extra work, but I tried anyway.  Guess what?  I LOVE it!  In about 30 minutes time this evening, I made several months worth of laundry detergent.  It just took a little soap grating (which the kiddos LOVE to help with) and some measuring & mixing of ingredients.  I’ll never go back to the store bought stuff.  I seriously am so happy with the results, that I’ve been looking into all other sorts of DIY supplies.  As I try them out, I promise to share my results.

Give it a try…save yourself some $$$$$

I use the Duggar Family detergent recipe.  Find it Here.

Be Blessed!


“She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”  Proverbs 31:27

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Check back soon, as I’m trying out a DIY facial toner.

8 thoughts on “You May Think I’m Crazy!

    • Not at all. At this point I still use regular dryer sheets, but I just found a DIY on pinterest for fabric softener that sounds wonderful! I also use my Scentsy washer whiffs, too, for my sheets and towels that I really like to smell nice.

    • I haven’t yet. I’m sure I will though. I’m loving the Zote, but haven’t seen it at any stores here. So when my stock is gone, I’ll try others. I got my mother-in-law making hers, she uses Fels-Naptha and likes it. Although if she doesn’t grate it really fine, it doesn’t dissolve in a cold wash.

  1. That’s the problem I’ve had, and that pesters me. That’s why I’m considering octagon because it’s naturally pretty brittle. Thanks for that Info I’ll have to look to see if Zote is in stores here. In my experience if a store even has laundry soap bars it’s only one brand.

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