Long Overdue

I have been avoiding blogging lately.  It doesn’t take much to notice that, I mean, my last post was on October 8th.  I guess the reason is simply life.  It’s been 100% up in the air as my last post reflected.  We were in the waiting.  Well, let me now catch you up on our lives.


We were blessed to go on a MUCH needed family vacation to Disney World.  It was a wonderful week of fun and family bonding!

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November brought on the beginning of the holiday season, and quite a LOT of busy-ness.  For me, I was glad of that, busy-ness means a distracted mind, and a distracted mind means not thinking about things that hurt.  (Yes, I can be thick sometimes…I came to my senses.)

Keven also began seriously talking with a church search committee in Mississippi.  Something that seemed too good to be true for us.  A church, close to home, interested in this totally unworthy little family…it just couldn’t be real.  Guidance and God’s will became the focus of our prayers.


Here we are.  Eight days until Christmas.  Here’s the scoop.  My busy-ness caught up with me…or more honestly, ended.  The moment I walked into the door and into my husband’s arms the night my last Christmas event was finished, the floodgates opened.  My wonderful husband was there and waiting. (He knows me so very well…goodness I love that man.)  December 4th brought what would have been my sister’s 32nd birthday.  Goodness, I miss her laugh.  My heart longs for her to call.  Not that we talked every day, but one or the other of us would call each other out of the blue.  I miss those more than I would have ever known.

Now that I’ve totally depressed you (and spent about 5 minutes getting myself recomposed), I’ll move onto the fantastic.  That very long, emotional week ended better than I could have ever thought…and my God is so wonderful, I can look back now and see Him all over every minute of the first week of December.  Keven went in-view-of-a-call to the Mississippi church on December 9th, and they welcomed us that same day as their new Pastor and family.  Something, that if you told me 4 years ago, I would have laughed at the thought of… I now am so incredibly excited about!

That brings us up-to-date.  I know I’ll shed more tears before Jan 1, and I also know our family will share much more love and laughter before then, also.

Be blessed!


“But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.
They spread their wings and soar like eagles,
They run and don’t get tired,
they walk and don’t lag behind.”

Isaiah 40:31 (The Message)

One thought on “Long Overdue

  1. Wow, you were amazing through all your responsibilities this month, despite your pain of loss. Thanks for serving through the grief and giving so much of yourself. May you spend this season being refilled as you prepare for this opportunity for all of you!

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