The Art of Dating In – Date 1

imageSo, last night I had a date with my sweet honey.  It was lovely.  Nothing too fancy, I baked a few cookies, and we watched a movie together.

We purposed to put the kiddos to bed by 8:30.  I did a quick sweep of the living room area and decluttered a bit.  My husband had picked out the movie for us.  I was surprised when he told me he chose “The Help.”  I had never seen it, and I knew it was a pretty girlie movie, so I never asked him to watch it with me.  This is what I love about my husband…when I asked him why he chose this one, he replied, “It’s got things we both enjoy: comedy, drama, history, takes place in Mississippi, and (for him) an aspiring author.”  I really love that man.

It was wonderful.  I mean, most nights we sit in our bedroom after the kids are in bed and watch tv together for a little bit, but just the simple change of venue made a difference.  We snuggled up on the couch and laughed together.  (Several times so hard that I feared waking the kids.)

Date 1 – Success! 🙂

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