Frozen: A Humble Review

Warning: This post contains spoilers!


First, I just HAVE to comment on the Disney Short cartoon that precedes the movie.


“Get A Horse” is a great updated Classic Mickey short!  My children cackled (as did everyone else in the audience)!  Slap-stick cartoons are always great.

Now, onto the feature.

If you just really aren’t sure what this movie is all about, it’s inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen. 

My absolute favorite part…IT’S A REAL MUSICAL!!!  I adored the music in this film!

I fell in love with Anna from the first scene!  Such a fun character.Anna

Voiced by Kristen Bell, musically awesome, character capture…nailed it!  Anna is so fun-loving and free, albeit a tad bit (understatement) naive.  I thank the artists for making such an awesomely imperfect princess.  Her reddish hair, fair skin, and THOUSANDS of freckles (my favorite) were wonderful.

disney-elsa-frozen-trailerElsa is Anna’s older and magically gifted sister.  Voiced by Idina Menzel, perfect casting IMO, musically wondeful!  Elsa is a quiet character, who has her moments of wildness.  Gifted at birth with the ability to create snow, she is forced to keep it a secret…even from her sister.  This choice, made by their royal parents after a childhood accident, leads to the girls being shut off from society and each other almost completely.  Elsa is basically kept in solitary.

Olaf1Every good movie needs comic relief, right?  Olaf is wonderful!  I just wanted to bring this little snowman home with me.  Sometimes his dialogue seemed a little ridiculous, but you can’t help but love him, even though the writers may have been trying a bit too hard. 🙂

So, as a parent, do I have any warnings?

Scariness: Elsa creates a snow monster to chase Anna and Kristoff away, he gets a little intense at times.  However, my 6 & 10 year olds weren’t phased by him at all.

Emotional: As children, Elsa accidentally freezes Anna’s brain.  Although Anna is healed, it resulted in Elsa having to keep her gift a secret from everyone, including Anna.  This also is the reason they are basically removed from society.

The king and queen are killed in an accident at sea while the girls are teens.

Lovey Dovey Stuff: Anna is so sheltered, she daydreams about meeting Mr. Right.  So what happens upon her first meeting a guy who says all the right things?  She agrees to marry him…on the day they meet!  Of course, this leads to a very difficult life lesson learned later. (I don’t want to give everything away.)

When Elsa runs away and discovers her true self, she has a dramatic wardrobe change.  From sweet princess to “Wowza” in a song.  The animated body language is a bit over the top.  So, parent be aware.  We all know how our little princess like to mimic their animated counterparts.

Yes, this is a movie about finding true love, but not in the way Disney normally does it.  It’s love between sisters!  Family love, which trumps all the rest.

I can’t express how much I adored this little movie.

My rating:


Be Blessed!


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