Seventeen Years

As I’ve been sitting and pondering what to blog about today, nothing phenomenal is developing in my sleepy mommy brain.

I’ve devoted my Saturday posts to marriage and family, so I could go any number of directions, but my heart simply wants to offer a little bit of praise.

Today I want to praise my Heavenly Father for my sweet husband.

Monday, will mark 17 years since the day we met in person. Can it really be 17 years?  It doesn’t seem that long!

February 2, 1997

February 2, 1997 – Our first pic

I can’t imagine not knowing him…honestly, we’ve almost reached the point of knowing each other longer than we didn’t.  Huge milestone there!!

We’ve not reached the point in life where people ask us, “What’s your secret?”  But I can tell you what I’ve learned…

Make God first in your relationships!

Love your best friend!

Talk about everything!!  Secrets can kill a relationship.

Don’t take for granted the little things.

Always date…and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Share laughter.

Dance in the kitchen.

Allow your husband to be the head of the home.

And there is SOOO much more, but I don’t want to overwhelm you! 🙂

Thanks, my Sweetheart, for going to the computer lab on a cold January night, thanks for liking RSJ, thanks for talking to me, thanks picking this super shy girl and for 17 wonderful years of being my best ever friend!



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