Menu Plan Monday: Jan 13, 2014

menuplanmondayIt’s that time of the week again!  I’m loving this link-up on  Being able to browse ideas posted by others, makes planning our menu a little easier…filling it with some fresh ideas for my picky eaters!

Here’s what’s on our menu this week:

Monday: Chicken Quesadillas with corn on the side

Tuesday: DIP NIGHT – RoTel dip with ground beef added in

Wednesday: Pancakes & Sausage (Don’t you just love breakfast for dinner?)

Thursday: Chili Cheese Tater Tot Casserole

Friday: Chicken & Rice Soup

Saturday: Beef Tips & Gravy with mashed potatoes

Sunday: Philly Cheesesteak (aka Bama Steak Sandwiches)

That’s our week.  I’m even considering trying this Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal recipe for breakfast…that is if I can force myself to get up before my early-bird kiddos. 😉

What’s on your menu this week?


7 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday: Jan 13, 2014

  1. How do you ensure that you get your vegetables? That is a struggle that we have. While potatoes and corn are liked, they are primarily starches. I find it a struggle to work out easy, economic meals that make sure that we get the appropriate amount of veggies. This week our menu looks like this Monday: Alfredo (we didn’t put sweet peas in tonight, though we do periodically – we were out) Tuesday – broccoli and chicken with rice (one of our favorites – easy and tasty), egg drop soup, and salad (we have company, so we went the full route) Wednesday – Pizza (I am transitioning in a new youth leader, so Wednesdays we eat youth food), Thursday – Po boys (roast beef – similar to your link except au-jus instead of dales and butter), Friday – Tacos, Saturday – beans and greens, Sunday – roast beef (with carrots and potatoes)

    • We don’t always. 😦 We’re working in it though. My kids LOVE green beans, so we eat lots of those. I have a few meals we can “sneak” veggies into. A food processor is a wonderful thing!

  2. That is true. We love our food processor too though we’ve been lazy recently. I want to try cauliflower crust for pizza. I’ve heard that it’s a good alternative, and my little fellow loves pizza of all sorts, so we sneak in veggies on the pizza.

  3. I started making menus when we began The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, and they’ve definitely helped me better manage my grocery budget. I’ve decided that I can make a 5-week menu plan that just rotates since we basically eat the same meals each month.
    This is what I did: 1. Write one meal with sides per index card.
    2. Sort cards into categories (I sorted them by meat then I sorted them by type-Italian/pasta, Mexican/rice, casseroles, soup, etc.).
    3. Lay cards out creating 5 rows and 7 columns; this step allowed me to mix and match according to meal type/meat and it was easy to just move cards around until I liked the weekly menus.
    4. Color code cards by rows (each row gets its own color), punch holes in corner to put on binder ring.
    5. I have a table created in Word I use for meal planning. I put the color dot for each row on one weekly menu table and listed the meals from that row on the days for that week. This allowed me to move meals around within the week based on how my weekly schedule usually looks, for example crock-pot meals or soups go on Saturday since I have more time to babysit long cooking meals. I also made sure that I had at least one meal per week that will have enough leftovers to eat another night. I also have optional meals for each week and meals that I only fix once-in-a-blue-moon (steaks or shrimp scampi) along with one index card for breakfast ideas, one index card for appetizers or church fellowships, and two index cards for side dishes.

    This is all I have so far. I plan on writing the ingredients needed for each meal on the back of the index cards and using those cards to create a master grocery list for each of the five weeks. This will hopefully allow me to look at my menu and say, “Okay, this is week orange,” pull out my orange grocery list, add a few household/ personal items as needed and head to the store. Since I’ve color- coded my weeks, I can always move them around in any order during the month based on sales.

    My goal is to not have to be so consumed about what to feed my family because all the planning has been done.

    • I only wish I could be that organized! 🙂 You amaze me!
      I’m doing well to have a sheet of notebook paper with 32 kid approved dishes written on it placed in a plastic sleeve.
      Of course, lately, we’ve all been getting burned out on a few of our standard dishes, so Pinterest has been my friend. Any new recipes I find are printed, alphabetized, and placed in a binder in my kitchen.

      • Well, you already have your meal list of 32 dishes, which is a month’s worth of dinners, you could rotate through and add a new one each week as you go. You could also save your menu plans for 4-5 weeks and do the same thing, just start over and rotate through the meals again.
        You’re already organizing your recipes, which is something I have left on my list to do, so really you’re over halfway there.
        Menu planning has just given me a headache lately, so I’m trying to plan one time, then I don’t have to keep thinking about it each week. However, I also realize that I tend to be one of those BO (born-organized) people and not everyone works/thinks the same way. 🙂
        I look forward to what you plan next week. I’m always looking for new recipes to try.

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