A little nerdy-ness

Anyone who knows our family, knows that we are a quirky, nerdy little bunch.  And we love this about ourselves.

We embrace our fandoms (maybe not as enthusiastically as some) and consider you a close friend if you understand them.

Now to the point…

The hubby and I have a tradition of collecting coffee mugs.  Every 5 years for our anniversary, we commemorate with a mug.  (Of course, we also mark vacations with the purchase of mugs also…if we find one that suits the occasion.)  With the purchase of our anniversary mugs, we try to sum up the past 5 years of marriage.

Year 5 we spent at Disney, so we, of course, purchased our favorite Disney Character Mugs.  Marking 5 years of fun together.

Photo Jun 17, 12 23 07 PM

Year 10 we went more traditional with some mugs from our local Christian bookstore.  These marked growth & maturity in our marriage over the past 5 years.

Photo Jun 17, 12 34 47 PM

This year we celebrated 15 years.  As we looked back over the past 5 years, it was easy to see what we needed to look for in our mugs.  The past 5 years included a total surrender to God & a move of faith to attend seminary.  It included making new friends. As introverts, we both struggle in this area…but God is great & provided there as well.  It also is when we discovered the fun found in fandoms.  And there are many we love, so finding the perfect mug has been difficult to say the least.  Yes they exist, but the perfect marker has eluded us.  Well, that is until I stumbled upon an image I LOVED during a google search.  It was FANTASTIC! (Please read that in your best Nine voice…and if you don’t know what that means…I’m so, so sorry.)   Only, it wasn’t for sale.  So I started reading the blog a little & discovered that Amy at Milk and Cookies would probably be fast friends if we actually knew each other.  So I took a shot in the dark and emailed her asking if she’d be interested in making a mug for me to purchase.  Long story short, we had great conversation and I ended up with vinyl cut outs that she sent so I could create this.

Photo Jun 14, 3 52 13 PMSo perfect!  A little Harry Potter. A little Doctor Who. A LOT of AWESOME!

(Thanks again, Amy!  I truly adore it!)

Now, we’re still looking for one for the hubby, but he’s got an idea.

Be blessed!


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