Maybe More Tears than Therapy

My family may begin to think I’m crazy as I sit at my computer typing today…it’s sure to result in tears…maybe even the ugly cry.  But I need a little written therapy.

A little background:

I’ve moved a LOT in my life thus far.  I never spent more than 3 years at a single school while growing up.  I’ve made lots of friends in my 36 years.  I won’t say I’ve lost them all, but a good many I haven’t spoken to since the day we moved.  That’s how it usually goes, right?  You have those rare experiences when you’ll do your very best to keep in touch, but it just fades as life goes on.  I can honestly say that I’ve not been able to keep that super-close friend relationship beyond a move.  You know, the one where a single week doesn’t go by without one of the two purposing to get in touch…even if just to say the word “hi”. (Or in this day and age, a simple smiley text…or crazy-stupid selfie that only friends appreciate…and promise never to share.)  It’s not for lack of trying on either person’s part, life just goes on.

Here lies my fear.

Over the last few days, I’ve had tears building up…some sneaking out…over this fear.

When we started seminary 5 years ago, I remember hearing alumni tell of the friends they made while in seminary & how the friendships have lasted over years of ministry.  My excitement was off the charts.  I could NOT wait to meet this lady or ladies.  And I did make many friends during our time there, but still none of these were the “no matter what” type.  You know…those kind of friendships where you are truly family.  Invites aren’t needed, they are assumed.  Doors are always open.  The ones who can read right through your vague “things are great” facebook posts and know that things are really not great and immediately pick up the phone.

My hubby and I had many friendships built around our kids, and we honestly treasure each one of those.  Prayer warriors indeed.  But no matter how much we prayed and searched, that friendship eluded us.  We joked about our friendship curse.  It seemed that every time we would build a relationship with a couple & invited them over for fellowship…they would move.  (And most of the time that happened…seriously.) 🙂  Not that we took it personally, that was just the life at seminary.  Ministry calls. 🙂


It was during our last year there that we finally met that family.  Our kids had played together for a while, but we’d only casually talked.  It was a slow growing friendship, but it has become a great one.  It has become the one that I was told about during my first days at seminary.

When we were called to ministry a year and a half ago, I thought that move was tough.  In my experience, 2 hours away has been just far enough for friendships to fizzle away.  But this time was different.

Good friendships (and ANY relationship) are a two way street.  If both parties are willing to work at it, they endure.  What a concept!?  😉

It has been a great year and a half, continuing to grow this friendship!  I thank God every day for it!

(Little note…my family have all left the room…and this is probably divine intervention at this point.)  **read as “tears are flowing”**

In just a few weeks, our friends are moving,  short 14 hour drive away.

And here returns my fears from years and years of good-byes.  My heart & head knows this friendship is different from every other, but it still doesn’t make it easier.

I anticipate many days of tears between now and then…and after, if I’m honest with myself.  I find myself pouring over my calendar to see just how many days we possibly get together before then.  There aren’t many.

I’m am so excited for them.  Really!  I can’t wait to hear what God is doing through this wonderful little family!

My heart is just selfish. 😉

So with that, I’ll say:  Thanks guys!  You are truly God-sent friends.  We can make 14 hours work, I know it.   I can’t promise I’ll be able to hold back the tears when we come to help you pack. Love ya!


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