The Jedi’s Epic Adventure

As a mom, when the youth minister interrupts bible study asking for you, it’s never a good thing. This was me last week. Upon being told that my son had hurt his arm (and knowing how he usually acts when hurt) I expected to just be needed to provide comfort.

Enter the gym & immediately find the Jedi not crying, but sitting calmly & the adult looking after him mouths these words to me: “You need to go to the ER. It’s broken.”

Run. Gather stuff. Leave the youth minister to get my pastor hubby (which apparently was interesting, but not my tale), grab the Princess. & gingerly load the wounded Jedi into the van. All the while feeling every prayer being lifted.

The ER techs found the story of the injury quite epic. (First, let it be known that the Jedi was trying to minimize the pain of a broken wrist & fractured elbow. No tears over the pain.) Now, it must always be fun to ask a boy injured like this how it happened. Here is his reply to the question:

Well, there was a low basketball goal & a chair. 

Snickering came from techs and an “I like this story already!”

Apparently he had been jumping from the chair to the goal & either climbing the net to the hoop or grabbing the hoop and swinging. (All boy the Jedi is.) 

When the techs asked if he liked basketball, they guffawed when he replied no. They should have asked if he liked trying to be a ninja, that might have received at least a grin and nod.

Two days later (and while sedated in the surgery area) the wrist was set & the cast applied. 

For now, he’s learning to be a lefty & enjoying being waited on a bit.

I really am proud of my growing boy. Man, he’s getting so growny. I don’t think I’m ready! I love his compassionate heart. The only thing that truly upset him through it all was interrupting everyone’s bible studies. Bless him! ❤️ 

Trying to make his experience as epic as possible! 

Be blessed!


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