Writing Again

It’s been since college, since I felt motivated and inspired to write for fun. Recently, I’ve been praying for inspiration and wisdom from God’s Word. Truthfully, to regain a love for lyric writing that I once had. But, not only that, through writing, to share with others the things God is teaching me.

Last night, I found myself awake again. My mind filled with images, reflecting on how to explain a spiritual attack to someone. My mind narrowed in on a hazing practice I recalled hearing about in college. When a recruit is placed alone in a dark place and the “hazers” shout, relentlessly at them from the dark. Longing for them to break under the pressure.

Isn’t this exactly what the enemy does to us? When we aren’t on our guard or weak in our faith?  So, here is my doodle of a writing…there is no title as of yet. (I’m open to suggestions.)

How did I get here?

The darkness is overwhelming.

As I sit with my head on my knees and arms wrapped tightly around my ankles, all I can hear are their voices.

Each invisible one carries so much weight and pain. I can’t stand.

Their words tear at every insecurity like talons piercing my spirit and pulling me to the ground. Useless.

Louder. They scream ever louder! Will they ever stop? It’s deafening. Will anyone help me?

A breeze…no…wait…  a Voice.  Did it say “ask”?

Oh please help! I can’t escape them alone! Please?!

“Stand”? I don’t think I can. The pain is too much. The weight is too heavy. Their grip is too strong!

Light? Is that light I see?  Again the Voice in the cool breeze whispers “Stand”.

Ok, here goes.

The weight seems lighter. Maybe I can stand. Slowly.

With each inch I rise, the dark voices seem to fade. The Light grows brighter. The Voice in the breeze grows louder and stronger.

As I reach my tallest stance, I’m engulfed by the fierce Rushing Wind. It is pushing the darkness away with Its marvelous Light. All the while, whispering to my spirit to stand firm and stand tall, and allow Him to battle the darkness.

Standing in the Wind is difficult. It takes focus and endurance and trust.

I could easily fall if I don’t hold on to the Voice within.

I must cling to It with every breath, for It alone holds the freedom from the voices in the dark.


Be blessed!


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