About Me


What is there to say about me?  I’m a completely imperfect Daughter of the King.  I have a tendency to want things my way, which is usually the wrong way.  I’m learning to live for, listen to, and learn from my Abba Father everyday.  Maybe I’ll succeed one day.

I’m married to my very best friend and a mommy to two very precious gifts.  God is leading us as a family to pursue His plan for our lives.  It’s not always easy, but with God we can do anything.

Honestly, we are a pretty nerdy little family, and proud of that. 🙂  We strive to fill our home with music and laughter.

Down time is spent usually watching Doctor Who or “nerd tv” in general.

We have more books than shelves to hold them all.

I’m a complete Disney addict, and have a not so secret wish to one day become a Cast Member. (I’d love to be Maleficent or Lady Tramaine, but I’ll even go for a server…just to make someone have a magical trip.)

There is always music in my head. It’s like living in a musical in there some days…if only everyone else could hear the music and join in.

God has given me a passion for women, specifically ministry wives & women in ministry.  I’m not sure exactly where He is leading me in this area of ministry, but it’s becoming and exciting ride.


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